Exploring the intersection of faith and culture.

October 05-06, 2018

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So what is apologetics, anyway?

The Thrive Apologetics Conference and Biola University team up to present this two day conference featuring world-class speakers and over 40 breakouts on topics that will help us explore the intersection of faith and culture. Together we will be tackling tough questions and be inspired to an intellectual faith.

At the Thrive Apologetics Conference we tackle some of today’s most commonly asked questions. Questions, like: In this scientific age, is it reasonable to believe God exists? How do I talk with my kids about faith? Hasn’t the Bible been changed over time? How do I have tough conversations about faith? Register today and dive deeper into these questions.

We will be covering topics such as: Christianity and World religions, how to deal with contradictions in the Gospels, how do we communicate with those we disagree with, and hot button cultural issues.


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2 Days of Tackling Tough Questions.

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October 05-06, 2018

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Friday, October 7

Breakout A
Dinner Break
General Session
Resource Break
General Session 2

Saturday, October 8

Breakout B
Resource Break
General Session 3
Resource Break
Breakout C
General Session 4
Lunch Break
Conference Ends

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